The A Team!

The A Team!
Aaron, Amanda, Adrian, Adam, Asa, Aidan and Ava
"Most people don't know there are angels whose only job is to make sure you don't get too comfortable and fall asleep and miss your life." ~ Brian Andreas

Saturday, October 1, 2011

When in China...

Whenever I think that we are only 18 days away from flying to China it seems so surreal. I cannot believe that we are actually going to China and coming back with our daughter. Our daughter. Such a strange and wonderful feeling.
Our itinerary is all set...
Wed. Oct 19th- Fly out of Burlington at 7:45, connect in Chicago, fly to Beijing (13 hour flight).
Thurs. Oct 20th-Arrive in Beijing
Fri. Oct 21st - Rest and eat- do some light touring of the city- maybe take the subway to Tiananmen Square and Temple of Heaven. Did I mention rest and eat?
Sat. Oct 22nd- Tour- see the Great Wall and the Summer Palace
Sun. Oct. 23rd-Find Dongyue temple in the morning, checkout and take the bullet train to Taiyuan (capital of Shanxi Province)- this will take 3 hours- the train will go 155 mph. 155 mph!! (Yikes!)
Mon. Oct 24- Meet Ava!! The very thought of this makes my stomach do flip-flops. I hope she likes us!
Tues. Oct. 25- Adoption Registration and Passport for Ava
Wed. Oct. 26- Tour- See Ping Yao, Yangtze Park, Provincial Museum of Taiyuan, Jin Ce Temple
Thurs. Oct. 27- Shopping, Touring, Resting, whatever floats our boat!
Fri. Oct. 28- Fly to Guangzhou - Stay on Shamian Island in the Guangdong Victory Hotel
Sat. Oct. 29- Ava's medical exam
Sun. Oct. 30- Tour and Rest
Mon. Oct. 31- Tour and Rest
Tues. Nov. 1- Consulate Appt.! It's official!
Wed. Nov. 2- Pick up Ava's Visa
Thurs. Nov. 3- travel to Hong Kong by Train- leave Hong Kong
Thurs. Nov. 3 arrive in Chicago- 7 hour layover (yuck) and then arrive home in Burlington around 11 pm that night.

Aaron and I are both so excited. What an adventure!

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